What Is an Online Murder Mystery?

Virtual murder mystery games are role-playing detective games that you can play on video conferencing services. You can choose from numerous themes, games, and activities. Online murder mysteries have a lot to offer in terms of team building. Through imaginative role-playing, it fosters a sense of community, and the games are fun to play in person or online. While entertaining, a virtual murder mystery team building game also serves as a brain workout. Your team gets the chance to work together and form bonds.

Virtual Murder Mystery Game to play

Let’s Roam

It offers a variety of virtual team-building activities, scavenger hunts, and party ideas that may get tailored to your exact requirements. Large or small parties can play their virtual murder mystery team building game. As amateur sleuths, you will work together to piece together all of the information needed to solve the case, with a cast of professional actors assisting you.

Night of Mystery

The Night of Mystery includes everything you need to organize your murder mystery party, including all necessary materials to download. Because each attendee needs all of their knowledge advanced to prepare, the interactive events require a little extra preparation work from the facilitator.

Ghost Ship Murder Mysteries

Ghost Ship has compiled five different mysteries, each with a different theme, such as the West Wing, a Western, or a space murder. Once chosen an adventure, a team member will lead your group utilizing gather.town, a platform that allows people to engage in small group chats.