Why You Should Outsource Your Facilities Maintenance

Facilities managers around the country are finding themselves faced with an increased level of work and decreased staff levels, and many are wisely turning to outsourcing facilities management as a way to combat this issue. Outsourcing facilities management functions frees managers’ resources for more pressing concerns and gives a company access to the expert capability available at firms like Cherry Logistics. In a rough economy, outsourcing to a national facility maintenance firm is a very smart move, and the best part is that it’s an easy move to make.

An outsourced facilities maintenance consultant can complement your existing functions and improve on practices implemented at your site. They act as an extension of your company, available at all times to see a project through until a task is completed. As we stated in the introduction, bringing on such a professional will:

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Create a cash infusion
  • Improve maintenance services
  • Separate companies from risk
  • Free managers up to focus on their business

This can all be accomplished with an outsourcing contract with a facilities maintenance provider. These outsourced providers bring market discipline into a function traditionally treated as an internal responsibility. The problem is that large companies managing maintenance internally often let staff levels and internal wage rates rise above their natural market levels. Outsourced maintenance service providers make facilities maintenance their core competency, with efficient staffing and compensation. This enables them to attract and retain the most qualified employees in any technical specialization.

Outsourcing facilities maintenance will give any site access to specialized equipment that might not be to have otherwise. This modern equipment can effectively control site cleaning, lighting, HVAC, and all other facilities maintenance tasks. Many facilities maintenance outsourcing companies have existing contracts with large numbers of service providers throughout the country. This gives them the opportunity to leverage labor and material cost to save their customers money. At the corporate level, outsourcing facilities management frees managers up to focus on the core functions of their business. This freedom from worry about their facilities lets businesses focus on driving revenue, rather than whether or not their parking lots have potholes, the grass is cut or whether there are light bulbs that have burned out. Partnering with a national facility maintenance firm gives site managers better services at a lower cost, freeing up funds which can then be diverted back into their business.

The operational and economical benefits of outsourcing facilities maintenance are clear. Review a few of our other posts such as Solutions For Obtaining Value in Snow Plow Contracts to learn more operational tips, and see why managers should consider outsourcing facilities management today. F2 logistics